Miss Miladoodle - Standard Size from Cindy

Buddy - Standard Size from Cindy

Oliver "Ollie"- Miniature Size from Toni

Taxi - Miniature Size from Toni

Doug - Miniature Size from Toni

Teddy - Standard size from Roxy

Mick E. Mouse - Standard size from Stella

Theo - Standard Size from Nova

Harlow and Pepper - Standard Size from Nova

Jasper J Doodle - Medium Size

Wrigley - Medium Size From Maura

Welcome to our Home

Welcome to Goldendoodle San Diego, the happy home of man's best friends! We take great joy in breeding the best Goldendoodles with sound temperments. We select only the best dogs to use in our breeding program. The St. John family are avocational breeders with combined experience of 60+ years. Devon is a certified Veterinary Technician's Assistant and helps keep all of the pups active and healthy. The adult dogs are our pets and companions and we love them dearly. Our knowledge has helped us breed socialized, high quality, healthy dogs.  When you adopt from Goldendoodle San Diego you know you are getting the best companion Goldendoodle.

Thank you,

Joan and Devon St. John

We are currently offering a discount on our puppies.
All puppies
are currently $1500.

Please email or text any questions. We are available most weekends for scheduled pickouts / visits!

Phone: Devon: (619) 988-1388

Miniature Sized F1b x F1b ( Average 25-35lbs+ )
Sami (Dam) with Dude (Sire)

This litter was born on 10/19/23!
This litter can go home 12/14/23!


Boy One

Girl One

Boy Two

Girl Two

Boy Three

Girl Three
  The Boys The Girls  

Standard Sized F1 x F1 ( Average 45-55lbs+ )
Briar Rose "Rosie" (Dam) with Big Red(Sire)

This litter was born on 09/21/23!
This litter can go home now!


Girl Chip #089

Girl Chip #107

Boy Chip #022

Girl Chip #853

Boy Chip #054

Girl Chip #368
  The Boys The Girls  




Goldendoodle Deposit Lists

Deposits with us are $100 and completely refundable at any time and for any reason
The full price including deposit for any of our puppies is $2000

*** Pick order is based on the date the deposit is left. ***

09/09/09 John Smith Prefer: Black or Multi-Colored

Means this family is on the waiting list for the next available litter.

09/09/09 John Smith Prefer: Black or Multi-Colored

Means this family has passed or not responded on a current offered litter.

09/09/09 John Smith Prefer: Black or Multi-Colored | Waiting for confirmation

Means this family has been offered a puppy from the current litter and we are waiting for a response.

09/09/09 John Smith Prefer: Black or Multi-Colored

Means this family wants a puppy from the current litter and is waiting for their pickout appointment!

09/09/09 John Smith Please update contact information!

Means this family has failed to return multiple emails / phonecalls in previous litters. PLEASE CONTACT US!

If you have left a deposit and do not see your name added within 24hrs or have any other questions please email me at

*You will notice a lot of older deposits still on our list, for the most part this is those families choice due to specific requirements ie:
Kids going off to college, older dog to pass, brown puppy with white feet etc. and is their decision to wait that long.


Miniature Sized Goldendoodle - Deposit List

Deposit Date Name Status / Notes PREF
06/03/16 Shana R. Please update contact information! MF
10/02/16 Jenica W. NR ME
12/14/16 Richard & Patricia J. Prefer Black | NR ME


Susan R.

05/10/17 Marina J. Deposit Transfer ME
05/14/17 Ron & Letty G.   ME
06/12/17 Marissa R.   MF
06/25/17 Pari & Matt G.   ME
06/29/17 Alyssa M.   MF
09/13/17 Linlang Y. Please update contact information! MM
11/24/17 Gregory & Jennifer C. From Chrissy or Toni ( waiting ) MF
12/24/17 Jess & Amber J. ( Alumni! ) NR MM
01/14/18 Paige P.   ME
01/24/18 Steve B. x 2 Two Deposits AE
03/07/18 Sydnee ( Alumni x 2 ) Waiting for a future litter MM
03/09/18 Jennifer D.   MM
04/11/18 Sarah G. Waiting for a future date MF
06/06/18 Mark D.   AE
07/30/18 Alisa A. ( Alumni ) ( TXT ) No email on file / NR 4/26/22 ME
08/04/18 Nick and Suelo ( Alumni! )   ME
12/21/18 Christina M. (CH)   ME
12/25/18 Julie E. ( Alumni )   AE
01/25/19 Patricia A. Waiting for TS ME
03/30/19 Kirsten S.   MF
08/03/19 Katherine S.   AE
09/10/19 Kim B. (Alumni)   MF
09/11/19 Jennifer M.   AE
10/07/19 Lori T.   ME
12/01/19 Vanessa / Jason J.   MM
02/15/20 *Vanessa V.   ME
03/08/20 Amy L. ( Alumni )   MF
03/25/20 Melanie D.   MF
03/28/20 Brittany C. / Lindsey M.   ME
03/28/20 Elizabeth R. / P.   ME
04/03/20 Lory C. Boy preferred / NR 4/29/22 ME
04/04/20 Julie R.   ME
04/11/20 Christian & Michele C. ( Alumni )   ME
04/16/20 Paul & Heather C.   ME
04/19/20 Camille M.   ME
04/22/20 Courtney Z. ( Alumni ) Pref Apricot or Red AE
05/06/20 Donna B. Prefer Mini AE
05/14/20 Jennifer C. ( Alumni )   MM
05/16/20 Monica B. ( Alumni ) Not Ready until undetermined time AE
05/27/20 Heather P. / W.   AE
05/28/20 Laura G. ( Alumni ) Waiting until 2022 MM
06/10/20 Joneil T.   ME
06/12/20 Christian B. Prefer Curly, Apricot / ready Feb 2023 MF
06/17/20 Marilyn B.   ME
06/20/20 Karen H. Prefer Girl AE
06/21/20 Jocelyn L. Waiting for Red Color MM
06/21/20 Ernest R. Prefer male Toy in either cream, red, or apricot MM
06/26/20 Christina K. ( Alumni )   ME
07/02/20 Mark M.   ME
07/19/20 Angela V.   AE
07/22/20 Roger I. / Brook R. Mini / Toy size MF
07/22/20 Katie S.   ME
07/25/20 Claudia C. / Byungkyu K. prefer Golden / Apricot / NR 5/3/22 ME
07/30/20 Kaylen W.   ME
08/03/20 Sarah K. Small ME
08/05/20 Sharleen S. / N. F1b, apricot colored preferred MF
08/16/20 Zach D. ( Alumni )   ME
08/26/20 Alison T. cream, apricot, red, p-color / NR 1 year 5/4/22 ME
08/30/20 Anuradha A. / Thadi N. Not Ready 9/28/22 AE
08/30/20 Mina K. apricot/red and curly/wavy AE
09/13/20 Angela C.   MM
10/01/20 Justin S.   ME
10/01/20 Melanie M.   ME
10/12/20 Amanda L.   ME
10/15/20 Diane S.   ME
10/18/20 Guy M. NR 5/6/22 ME
10/26/20 Lanise G. brown preference MM
10/27/20 Jianna K.   MM
11/06/20 *Matt C. medium size ME
11/08/20 Kay P. mini or medium size MF
11/17/20 Heather K.   MM
11/18/20 Alireza M.   MM
11/22/20 Michelle M. / G.   MF
11/22/20 Krish & Tanya / Chengappa I.   MM
12/15/20 Bernice J. ( CH )   MF
12/16/20 Tyra S. curly toy size, any color but white MM
12/20/20 Melanie L. ( Alumni )   MF
12/20/20 Riva P.   ME
12/25/20 Ray F. non-white color, low to non-shedding MF
12/29/20 Robert N. prefer medium: dark gold to red AE
01/01/21 Paula R. / Clive E. 25-30lbs, more golden than poodle MM
01/13/21 Jenita G.   ME
01/15/21 Ashley O.  pref: F1B variety and an apricot/red color ME
01/24/21 Marie M. NR 4/27/22 ME
02/07/21 Billie E.   MM
02/18/21 Claire K.   AF
03/07/22 Susan I.   AE
03/23/21 Karen E. / M.   ME
03/30/21 Simon C. NR 5/2/22 ME
04/08/21 Sumit H. ( Alumni )   MF
05/09/21 Jill C. / JAC Female Pref / NR 4/26/22 AF
05/24/21 Christine B.   ME
06/07/21 Elmira K. Brown or Chocolate MM
07/01/21 Catherine N.   MF
07/19/21 Priscilla M. Toy* MF
08/30/21 *Barbra B. NR 2/29/22 / Ready in June-July 22' ME
09/13/21 Kelley S. & David M. Toy* MF
11/23/21 Phuong L. pref apricot with white (parti), 20-30lb (35lb max) MF
12/21/21 Kristen M.   MF
02/27/22 Shayne L.   MF
03/16/22 Bradly F. (WS)   ME
04/01/22 Jae L. pref 35lbs+ / NR 4/27/22 / August or later ME
04/25/22 Rosie A.   MF
05/14/22 Bonnie M.   ME
05/20/22 Darryl M. M/ Mini or small standard AE
05/27/22 Rachael B.   MM
07/22/22 Vi N.   AE
12/27/22 Nikita M. Ready mid to late 2023, >25lbs AE
01/07/23 Amy K. / W. Large mini or Standard under 55lbs, male pref AE

Standard Sized Goldendoodle - Deposit List

Deposit Date Name Status / Notes
03/31/16 Russ M. Ready for next litter SM
04/30/16 Jenna P.   SF
09/09/16 Kyle H.   SE
01/19/17 Chenele L.   SE
03/28/17 Jessica De.   SE
04/08/17 Ron C.   SF
07/01/17 Grace L. / M.   SE
08/11/17 Lee I.   SF
10/01/17 Leah / Hy W. ( Alumni! ) Prefer Stella SE
01/24/18 Steve B. x 2 Two Deposits AE
02/22/18 Brittney W.   SE
04/05/18 Amanda J.   SE
01/15/19 Tiffany M.   SF
04/27/19 Logan S.   SM
08/03/19 Katherine S.   AE
09/11/19 Jennifer M.   AE
03/02/20 Nikki M. ( Alumni )   SE
05/12/20 Shanna B. ( Alumni ) Boy from Charlie and Rosie SM
05/15/20 Bea V. ( Alumni ) Not ready yet SE
05/16/20 Monica B. ( Alumni ) Not Ready until undetermined time SE
05/17/20 Ramon M.   SM
05/21/20 Batya / Kenny S.   SE
05/27/20 Heather P. / W.   SA
05/28/20 Danica F. / O.   SE
06/04/20 Kole T. / Shannon S. (V)   SF
06/04/20 Jonelle L.   SM
06/08/20 Eddie S.   SM
06/14/20 Walker S.   SE
06/14/20 Dana S.   SE
06/14/20 Melissa T.   SE
06/16/20 Ruth L. Curly, Female preferred, 20-60lbs SF
06/20/20 Karen H. Prefer Girl AE
06/24/20 Marisol C.   SF
07/06/20 Jesus S.   SM
07/14/20 Youhan P. After may 2021 SM
07/18/20 Renaldo H.   SM
08/30/20 Anuradha A. / Thadi N.   AE
08/30/20 Mina K. apricot/red and curly/wavy AE
09/09/20 Spencer H.   SM
09/10/20 Matthew M. Smaller Standard 60lbs* SM
09/30/20 Richard & Theresa M. (Alumni)   SE
10/04/20 Kelsey D.   SF
11/10/20 Eugenia D. apricot/red color SM
12/29/20 Robert N. prefer medium: dark gold to red AE
02/18/21 Claire K.   AE
02/24/21 Katie D.   SF
04/09/21 Brett M. ( Alumni)   SM
05/09/21 Jill C. / JAC Female Pref / NR 4/26/22 AF
05/15/21 Nataly Z. Prefer F1b apricot SF
05/27/21 Estevan G. cream or apricot colored medium or standard SE
06/02/21 Erin H. Apricot/Red - Standard/Mini - Female Pref AE
06/22/21 Sheyenne S. Prefer Male SM
09/02/21 Polachai S. prefer female SE
11/04/21 Monica F. Waiting for next litter - Cindy Pup SF
11/12/21 Tiffany C. Retriever dominant / NR 4/27/22 SE
11/25/21 Paul M.   SE
02/06/22 Crystal T.   SF
04/28/22 Jason B. (Alumni D*)   SE
03/07/22 Susan I.   AE
05/02/22 Kishore S. ( V )   SE
05/14/22 Lily P.   SF
05/20/22 Darryl M. Mini or small standard AE
07/04/22 Jonghyuck J.   SE
07/22/22 Vi N.   AE
08/23/22 Akash S. low shedding, before Feb 4th 2023 SM
01/07/23 Amy K. / W. Large mini or Standard under 55lbs, male pref AE
01/19/23 Monica F.   SE
05/09/23 Lily E.   M


If you see your name on this list, we have incorrect contact information for you. Please email / text us so that we can update your records!
Deposit Date Name Status / Notes PREF
02/16/16 Tracie G.   SE
01/08/17 Francis C.   AE
02/20/17 Parastoo A.   SM
03/09/17 Lisa S.   AE
06/04/17 Christina B.   MM
06/24/17 Milad M.   MM
07/02/17 Christina B. Please update contact information! SE
07/17/18 *Amanda T.   ME
03/27/21 Harlan T.   MM
06/26/18 Jessica & Joshua R.   MF
07/14/19 *Veronica M.   ME
09/18/19 Dounya G. ( Alumni ) Email Address Closed! MF
04/11/20 Deborah B. / Frank ( Alumni ) PLEASE CONTACT ME SE
07/18/20 Jenni P. ( Alumni )   SM
04/15/22 Jim S. ( Alumni-TXT )   MM


Phone: Devon (619) 988-1388



Life Magazine declares the Goldendoodle the “Perfect Dog”!