Miss Miladoodle - Standard Size from Cindy

Buddy - Standard Size from Cindy

Oliver "Ollie"- Miniature Size from Toni

Taxi - Miniature Size from Toni

Doug - Miniature Size from Toni

Teddy - Standard size from Roxy

Mick E. Mouse - Standard size from Stella

Theo - Standard Size from Nova

Harlow and Pepper - Standard Size from Nova

Jasper J Doodle - Medium Size

Wrigley - Medium Size From Maura

Welcome to our Home

Welcome to Goldendoodle San Diego, the happy home of man's best friends! We take great joy in breeding the best Goldendoodles with sound temperments. We select only the best dogs to use in our breeding program. The St. John family are avocational breeders with combined experience of 60+ years. Devon is a certified Veterinary Technician's Assistant and helps keep all of the pups active and healthy. The adult dogs are our pets and companions and we love them dearly. Our knowledge has helped us breed socialized, high quality, healthy dogs.  When you adopt from Goldendoodle San Diego you know you are getting the best companion Goldendoodle.

Thank you,

Joan and Devon St. John


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Phone: Devon: (619) 988-1388

These puppies are $1500.

Dude (Sire) and Sandy (Dam)
This litter was born on:
Ready to go home as early as:

( Adult Weight Average 25-35lbs+ )

Boy One

Girl One
( No longer available )


Boy Two

Girl Two


Girl Three
( No longer available )

  The Boys The Girls  


Phone: Devon (619) 988-1388



Life Magazine declares the Goldendoodle the “Perfect Dog”!