Where are they now?

We can't stress enough how much we appreciate hearing back over time how our babies are doing we love all of the letters and emails, photos and videos you send us. Please click on the sections above to see pictures of our different sizes as they grow up with their new families.

Toy Sized

Miniature Sized

Medium Sized

Standard Sized

Adult Weight: 20-40lbs
Dams: Bijou, Kate
Chrissy, Tony
Adult Weight: 35-45lbs
Dams: Currently Unavailable
Adult Weight: 55-90lbs
Dams: Nova, Stella, Roxy


Oliver "Ollie"- Miniature Size from Toni

Taxi - Miniature Size from Toni

Doug - Miniature Size from Toni

Teddy - Standard size from Roxy

Baxter - Standard size from Roxy

Mick E. Mouse - Standard size from Stella

Theo - Standard Size from Nova

Harlow and Pepper - Standard Size from Nova

Jasper J Doodle - Medium Size

Wrigley - Medium Size From Maura

The adorable trio above are a cream and white 9 week old Toy Goldendoodle, a nearly four weeks old Medium Goldendoodle, and a very chunky cream with blazing, almost 3 week old Miniature Goldendoodle.





Life Magazine declares the Goldendoodle the “Perfect Dog”!

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