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Adult Weight: 18-30lbs
Dams: Bijou, Kate
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Dams: Nova, Stella, Roxy


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Hi Joan and Devon,

Just thought i should send some photos of Kekoa she is a pure delight very good and smart dog. Every where we go everyone wants to see her they always say she is so cute. We could not be happier with her and we would truly love to thank you for her, she is the best. i will send several emails with pics.

Don & Kathryn M.


Kekoa is a Standard Gooldendoodle from Roxy and Buck


Hannah (and Emma the Labradoodle)!

Hi Joan and Devon,

It's been a while since I've up dated you on Hannah Elizabeth. She is absolutely a love bug. She is such a well behaved girl. She is now 3 years old and is 75 lbs. Hannah is a happy healthy beautiful dog. She is nothing but love. Her Sister , Emma Louise is now 81 lbs and is Hannah best friend. They travel every where we go and love to do whatever we do. She love the snow, swimming, and playing ball at the park. Thank you for breeding such beautiful goldendoodles. 

- Mike, Debbie, Hannah, and Emma C.


Hi Dennis and Joan,

Our girl's are already 2 years old. They are healthy and happy. We never dreamed we would spoil a dog like we have spoiled her and Emma. Thank you for such a wonderful dog. She is such a loving, smart, and loyal girl. She loves life and is living such a good dog's life. Thank you for the love, 
- Mike, Debbie, Hannah, and Emma C.

Hannah is a Standard Gooldendoodle




Hi guys! My boyfriend Kevin and I purchased one of Stella's girl pups last summer. I have been meaning to share some pics with y'all for awhile now. Her name is boots. She's so sweet, we adore her. 

-Caitlin W.


Boots is a Standard Gooldendoodle from Stella


Charlie montage!

Charlie's First Birthday

What a fun year with Charlie we had. He is all we hoped for and more. God Bless


Charlie is a Standard Gooldendoodle




Merry Christmas! We have had Posey for a year now and we love her So much! Hope
all is well!



Hi Joan and Dennis,
Just wanted to say hello and let you know that Posey is 2 now and the best dog ever!
Here are a few new pics of her! I see that you have mini's too! I tell people about you guys all the time!

Happy New Year,


Posey is a Standard Goldendoodle



Mr. Dishwasher and bottom 2 were taken after his first swim in the pool

Cameron is a Standard Goldendoodle



Brinkley is 1 1/2 years old. Son of Buck and Nova. He has turned into a wonderful dog with a great personality. He is athletic enjoying ball, freebie, and his newest play adventure is running and jumping after bubbles. Feel free to add his picture to your gallery. Thank for the joy of our lives. Lori and Mary

Brinkley is a Standard Goldendoodle



Hi Joan! Here Are a few pics of Ollie:) he is amazing!

Ollie is a Standard Goldendoodle



I bought Charley from you 9/14/09. He was the last one, alI I can say is what a joy. I have had dogs all my life but never a dog like Charley. Great job in the breeding. Hope you're still in business. He is Jessie and Bucks boy. He loves watching TV, he'll watch it for hours, its really funny. Thanks again. Bob and Sandy
Charley is a Standard Goldendoodle and is Jessie and Bucks pup


Adorable Maggie at 7 months!

Maggie is a Standard Goldendoodle


This is Pax; one of our puppies at one year of age.

Pax is a Standard Goldendoodle


This is Cali at 10 months!

Cali is a Standard Goldendoodle


This is Bailey at 9 months!

Bailey is a Standard Goldendoodle


This is Bo at 3 1/2 months!

Bo is a Standard Goldendoodle





Life Magazine declares the Goldendoodle the “Perfect Dog”!

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