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Adult Weight: 18-30lbs
Dams: Bijou, Kate
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Dams: Nova, Stella, Roxy


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Hi Dennis and Joan,
Wanted to share a few pictures of the beautiful puppy I got
from you. Her name is Stella. She is everything you said she would be. We love
her so much.
-Betty Sue

Stella is a Medium Gooldendoodle



Hi Joan and Dennis,

How are you? Hope all is well with you both. Thought you
would like to see an updated photo of our Bugs. He is so much fun (10 months old

He is posing with our Yorkie. Bugs thinks they're best friends but our Yorkie
tolerates him at best.

Anyway, best to you,
Laurie & Dave Judy

Bugs is a Medium Goldendoodle and thats water not drool, lol



15 pounds and doing great! This was taken at the vet’s office.
She grooms Brady and snuggles up next to her to nap. So cute!

22 pounds. Hard to believe she is 5 months old!

Hi Joan and Dennis,

A quick update on our lovely puppy. Grizzie had her first trip to the groomer today and the groomer said she was the best puppy she has ever had and she has a wonderful temperament. I told her I would pass the compliment on to you as she said ‘’your breeder has done a great job breeding such a wonderful dog’.

I have attached a photo of Grizzie at 17 weeks at the vet’s office .. 22 pounds. Hard to believe she is 5 months old .. she is housebroken, learning sit/stay/heel. Brady still adores her. They love to wrestle and romp. I would send a more recent photo but it is very hard to take one of her standing still and looking at the camera as she is always in motion or asleep.

We take her to all of Ryan’s baseball games and she is a ‘star’ with everyone in the stands watching the game. She is such a lovebug, loves people, loves to give kisses, loves all the people attention. People fawn all over her, and that’s not an understatement.

We hope all is well at your household.

With best regards,

Grizzie is a Medium Goldendoodle



I love keeping you posted on how Sketch is doing. I captured the most adorable air shot of him. He jumps on command and made a great shot :) He just loves balls so much, cracks me up.



I wanted to updated you on how Sketch is doing. He is already 30lbs! He's tall and skinny and loves chasing balls around. He has been such a wonderful dog and gets lots of compliments for being so smart and so adorable. He still gives great kisses

Happy New Year!


Sketch is a Medium Goldendoodle






Life Magazine declares the Goldendoodle the “Perfect Dog”!

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